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Rocky Mountain
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Judy Scherpelz
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Fort Collins Marriott
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Jamie Meyer
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Welcome / Plenary Lecture Speaker: Dr. Pat Shipman

General Paper Session

Early Career Raptor Researchers Lunch

Special Session:
Raptor-Human Conflicts

Poster Session

General Paper Session

The Role of Banding in Raptor Conservation: Past, Present, and Future

Special Session: Raptors
and Zoonotic Infections

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Raptors in Education

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Energy Development

RRF Business Meeting

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Moderator: Rick Harness  ( Presentation available for download )

Sept. 25, 2010
  Gwyn McKee Long-term Trends for Nesting Raptors and Prey Populations Relative to the Effects of Surface Coal Mining  on Nesting Raptors in Northeast Wyoming.
Steven J. Slater,
Jeff P. Smith,
and Mike C. Neal
A Retrospective Assessment of the Effects of Oil and Gas Field Activities on Nesting Raptors near Price, Utah and Rawlins, Wyoming.
Nicholas M. Morgan Tolerances of Raptors to Blasting and Construction Activity on the Susquehanna River during the Development of the  Holtwood Hydroelectric Expansion.
Cindy M. Kemper
and Nikki S. Heck
Raptor Nest Management Programs at Two Canadian  Electrical Utilities.
Joey Mason Methane Burners: Better Management Practices in the  Making.
Jon Smallie
and Luke Strugnell
Use of Camera Traps to Investigate Cape Vulture (Gyps coprotheres) Roosting Behavior on Power Lines in South Africa.
  Von R. Pope,
Thomas A. Hamer, and Jake Verschuyl
Pre- and Post-Construction Evaluation of Collision Potential for Fall Migrating Raptors with a Transmission Line in  Central Washington.
  Robert N. Lehman and Richard E. Harness Estimating Raptor Electrocution Rates and Interpreting Mortality Data.
  P. R. Juvvadi Bird Electrocutions on High Tension Distribution Power Lines in Andhra Pradesh, India - Species Recorded, Modes of Electrocution and Pole Configurations.
Richard E. Harness Electrocution Assessment of Power Lines Serving a Wyoming Oil and Gas Field.
Albert M. Manville, II Steps to Avoid or Minimize Take and Disturbance of Raptors at Power Lines and Commercial Wind Turbines.
Alvaro Camina The Windfarm Development in Spain: Impact and Correction Measures on Raptor Species.
Charles Maisonneuve, Junior A. Tremblay,
Todd Katzner,
Tricia Miller,
Michael Lanzone, and David Brandes
Influence of Landscape Configuration on Wind Farm Frequentation by Golden Eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) – A Case Study.
Scott G. Cole and
Espen Lie Dahl
Ex Post Compensation for White-Tailed Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) Impacts at the Smøla Wind Farm: An Application of Equivalency Analysis.
  Patricia Y. Sweanor
Best Management Practices for Wind Energy in Areas with Golden Eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) in Wyoming.
Diana M. Whittington,
Joel E. Pagel,
Robert Murphy, and
Eric L. Kershner
Long-term Strategies and Information Needs for Conserving Golden Eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) and Bald Eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) in an Energy Development Environment.

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