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Welcome / Plenary Lecture Speaker: Dr. Pat Shipman

General Paper Session

Early Career Raptor Researchers Lunch

Special Session:
Raptor-Human Conflicts

Poster Session

General Paper Session

The Role of Banding in Raptor Conservation: Past, Present, and Future

Special Session: Raptors
and Zoonotic Infections

Evening Social

General Paper Session

Special Session:
Raptors in Education

Special Session:
Energy Development

RRF Business Meeting

Silent Auction

Awards Banquet

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Dr. Pat Shipman
Freelance writer and Professor of Anthropology
The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802  USA

The special speaker for the conference is Pat Shipman, Ph.D.  Dr. Shipman is currently at Pennsylvania State University.  Her forte is the history of anthropology and the study and interpretation of fossils.   She is the author of "Taking Wing", an exploration of archaeopteryx and the evolution of bird flight.  Her presentation will further this exploration by looking at the newest discoveries in this field.

Education: Smith College B.A. 1970 Religion; New York University M.A.1973 Physical Anthropology; New York University, Ph.D. 1977 Physical Anthropology.
Dr. Shipman's work at Penn State:


I am internationally known as a paleoanthropologist and conducted research for many years in Africa. I have written more than 50 scholarly articles, appearing in journals such as Nature, Science, Journal of Archaeological Science, Paleobiology, Journal of Human Evolution, and Current Anthropology.

I have written more than 100 articles in popular science magazines or newspapers, including The Guardian, The New York Times, The Times Literary Supplement, American Scientist, Discover, and Natural History. Two of my books were featured on the cover of The New York Times Book Review, including Taking Wing; Archaeopteryx and the Evolution of Bird Flight.

Taking Wing  won the Phi Beta Kappa prize for science book of the year and was a runner-up for the LA Times Science Book prize. My book on Homo erectus, Wisdom of the Bones, was co-authored by Alan Walker and won the Rhone-Poulenc Prize in science writing.

My books have been widely praised as compelling, accessible, and highly readable, with a strong narrative thread.  Reviewers frequently comment upon the meticulous research that underpins my books, a feature I consider to be my trademark.

My most recent popular science book, The Ape in the Tree, written with  Alan Walker, was called by The Vancouver Sun “part adventure story, part cutting-edge science.”  In a Science magazine review, the book was praised as “a fine account of new ways to puzzle out the behaviors of fossilized animals from odd scraps of bone.”  Another reviewer raved, “Wonderfully engaging and insightful, The Ape in the Tree, is sure to become a classic in the literature on human origins.” MacArthur fellow John Fleagle wrote in the Quarterly Review of Biology, “Science writing doesn’t get any better than this.” In 2009, this book was awarded the W.W. Howells Book Prize by the American Anthropological Association.


1965   IBM National Merit Scholarship
1971   NYU University Graduate Fellowship
1993   The Neandertals was a finalist for the Rhône-Poulenc Prize in Great Britain and a New York Times notable book of the year.
1996   Essay, "One Woman's Life in Science" won the silver medal in the editorial or column category of the Society of National Association Publications.
1997   The Wisdom of the Bones was awarded the Rhône-Poulenc Prize.
1998   Taking Wing won the Phi Beta Kappa Science Prize and was one of five finalists in science in the Los Angeles Times Book Award.

Selected as the 2000 A. Dixon and Betty F. Johnson Lecturer on the Communication of Science at Penn State.

2001   Elected as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in the Anthropology division and  a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society.
2006   Awarded the Leighton Wilkie Prize by the Center for Research into the Anthropological Foundations of Technology, Indiana University, for my lifetime contributions to paleoanthropology and taphonomy.
2009   Won the W. W. Howells book award for The Ape in the Tree.


1981   Shipman, Pat. Life History of a Fossil: An Introduction to Taphonomy and Paleoecology Harvard University Press, Cambridge.
1985   Shipman, Pat, Alan Walker, and David Bichell. The Human Skeleton. Harvard University Press, Cambridge.
1992   Trinkaus, Erik, and Pat Shipman. The Neandertals: Changing the Image of Mankind. Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., N.Y.
1994   Shipman, Pat. The Evolution of Racism: Human Differences and the Use and Misuse of Science. Simon & Schuster, N.Y.
1995   Walker, Alan, and Pat Shipman. The Wisdom of the Bones. Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., N.Y.
1998   Shipman, Pat. Taking Wing: Archaeopteryx and the Evolution of Bird Flight. Simon and Schuster, N.Y.
2001   Shipman, Pat. The Man Who Found the Missing Link. Simon & Schuster, New York.
2004   Shipman, Pat. To the Heart of the Nile: Lady Baker and the Exploration of Central Africa. HarperCollins, NY.
2005   Walker, Alan, and Shipman, Pat. The Ape in the Tree: A Natural and Intellectual History of Proconsul. Harvard University Press, Cambridge.
2007   Shipman, Pat. Femme Fatale; Love, Lies, and the Unknown Life of Mata Hari. HarperCollins, New York.
In prep.   Shipman, Pat. The Animal Connection. W.W. Norton & Co, NY.

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